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Welcome to, an online service and resource for Texas medical practitioners to submit the required DWC-73 workers compensation forms according to strict state guidelines.

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The Situation

Texas Workers Compensation guidelines (Rule 129.5) mandate that the DWC-73 (Work Status Report) form be submitted by medical practitioners for each treatment visit as follows:

  1. To the employee (patient) at the time of the exam.
  2. To the Insurance Carrier, no later than the end of the 2nd working day after the date of the exam.
  3. To the Employer (of the patient), no later than the end of the 2nd working day after the date of the exam.

The Problem

To automate these requirements for a medical practice will generally require extensive and lengthy software development for the Physician's practice management software application -- if the software vendor is even willing to make such changes just for Texas physicians.  

Aside from software, practices which do a significant volume of workers compensation cases might well need additional staff, fax machines, and telephone lines to meet the Rule 129.5 requirements.

The Solution has developed a range of web-based solutions to help Physicians produce high quality TWCC-73 / DWC-73 forms quickly and easily. We also have other TWCC forms you might need such as the TWCC-60 and TWCC-69.

See our solutions page for more information about which service is right for your practice.

How Does It Work?

When a Workers Compensation patient visits your office, your staff fills in the pertinent information required  for that visit.  Then (depending on the service plan you've selected) they can either print and distribute the form, or press a button and have the forms automatically faxed by

Learn more About Services and which solution is right for your practice.
Also see the state Texas Department of Insurance - Workers Compensation web site for official information. Specifically, Rule 129.5 which created the need for the services offered by .
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